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International Organizing Committee
Chair: Prof. Roberto Román L., SERC (Chile)
Co Chair: Dr. David Renné, International Solar Energy Society (USA)
Co Chair: Dr. Daniel Mugnier, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (France)


Dr. José Miguel Cardemil, SERC (Chile)    
Dr. Andreas Häberle, SPF (Switzerland)
Ms. Beatrix Feuerbach, PSE (Germany)    
Ms. Arabella Liehr, ISES (Germany)
Ms. Jennifer McIntosh, International Solar Energy Society (Germany)
Ms. Pamela Murphy, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (USA)

Prof. Klaus Vajen, ISES and University of Kassel (Germany)

Ana María Ruz, CORFU (Chile)

Paula Jarpa, SERC (Chile)

Scientific Committee
Chair: Dr. José Miguel Cardamil, SERC (Chile)
Co Chair: Mr. Ken Guthrie, IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (Australia)
Co Chair: Prof. Ricardo Ruther, Fotovoltaica UFSC (Brazil)


Local Organizing Committee
Roberto Román L.

José Miguel Cardamil

Rodrigo Palma,

Paula Jarpa

Ana María Ruz

Barbara Silva

Frank Dinter

Mercedes Ibarra

Rodrigo Valdovinos

Paola Silva

Marisa de Martini

Scientific Program Theme Chairs

  • Solar Heating & Cooling Technologies - Dr. Korbinian Kramer, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
  • Solar Heating & Cooling Applications - Dr. Christoph Brunner, AEE-INTEC. Austria
  • Solar and Renewable Electricity  -  Dr. Rodrigo Escobar, PUC-Chile, Chile
  • Energy Storage for Heat and Electricity - Prof. Luisa Cabeza, GREA, Universitat de Lleida, Spain
  • Solar Energy Markets and Policies  - Dr. Bullent Yesilata, Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey
  • Energy Systems and Sector Coupling  - Dr. Rodrigo Moreno, University of Chile, Chile
  • Off-Grid & Rural Energy Access  - Prof. Roberto Zilles, Inst. de Eletrotécnica e Energia, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Solar Architecture and Building Integration  - Dr. Alexandra Troi, EURAC, Italy
  • Solar Resource Assessment and Energy Meteorology  - Prof. Richard Perez, University of Albany, USA
  • Clean Water Technologies  - Dr. Wei Yang, Victoria University of Technology, Australia
  • Education and Training – 13th International Symposium on Renewable Energy Education (ISREE 2019)  - Prof. Yogi Goswami, USA


Special Themes

  • Community Power Programs - Monica Oliphant, Australia
  • Solar Energy History - Lawrence Kazmerski, USA
  • Sustainable Practices in Mining Industry - Willy Kracht, Chile
  • Renewable Energy for Mobility
  • Renewable Cities

Important Dates

Extended abstract submission deadline 22 March 2019
Notification of authors 24 May 2019
Registration opens 29 May 2019
Deadline for full papers 16 September 2019
Early bird registration deadline 16 September 2019
Author registration deadline 16 September 2019

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