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Technology and Industry Showcase

This is a preliminary overview of the Technology and Industry Showcase taking place on Monday, 04 November - any changes will be made public here.

Daniel Mugnier - IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme/TECSOL, France

Solar cooling worldwide: Status and Perspectives

Daniel Mugnier has professional experience in engineering solar thermal systems for large DHW applications and above all solar heating and cooling systems. Managing the innovation department of TECSOL – one of the French leading solar engineering companies – Daniel Mugnier is involved as well in numerous R&D projects on solar thermal at the national, European and international level. He is also author of several publications and presentations at international conferences on solar energy. He is currently Chairman of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme as well as French delegate to IEA PVPS Task 1 and French participant to IEA PVPS Task 17 (on solar mobility).

Frank Dinter - Center for Solar Energy Technologies, Fraunhofer Chile Research, Chile

Sustainable and flexible solar energy solutions for Chile

Prof. Frank Dinter from German Since works for Fraunhofer Chile Research at the Center for Solar Energy Technologies (FCR-CSET) since July 2017. Since February 2018, he is the Technical Director of FCR-CSET (Fraunhofer Chile's Center for Solar Energy Technologies).
He completed his Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) in Thermal Energy Storage Systems for CSP plants in 1992. Frank was responsible for the operation of 25 photovoltaic plants in Germany and Spain and was technical director of "Andasol 3" (50 MW CSP plant in Spain) during the construction and operation phase.

Mr. Qingtai Jiao - Sunrain Group, China

Solar district heating technology and market in China

Vice-President and Chief Engineer of Sunrain Group
Deputy chairman of the national solar standardization technical committee
Council member of China renewable energy society
Commissioner of the national standardization committee of the
test method for emphases products
About 20 years of experience in solar thermal products and systems development

José-Ramón López - GREENoneTec Solarindustrie, GmbH, Austria/Spain

World's Most Revolutionary Solar Water Heater

Mr. Ian Nelson, Energia Lliama, Chile

Solar Thermal Plants: Innovation + Competitiveness + Sustainability

Mr. Nelson is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer from the Catholic University of Chile, an MBA from SciencesPo Paris. In addition, rapporteur and founder of the Master of Energy Efficiency of the Santa María University.
Currently, Mr. Nelson is the General Manager of Energía Llaima SpA, a company specialized in the design, development, construction and operation of energy projects; mainly, run-of-river hydropower plants and large-scale solar thermal plants.
Previously, he participated in the introduction of Natural Gas in Chile, retiring after 11 years as Manager of Large Customers of Metrogas. In this stage he developed multiple energy projects such as the conversion of the industrial park, the development of Natural Gas Vehicle, cogeneration, absorption cooling, use of biogas, liquefied natural gas in satellite plants, etc. In this process, he led several greenhouse gas reduction activities, introducing new methodologies under the CDM (prototype of Kyot), issuing and selling Carbon Bonds (CER). Previously, he was a partner of Gamma Ingenieros.
Mr. Nelson has specialized in Energy, Environment and Greenhouse Gases, in which he exhibits in Chile and abroad. He also actively collaborates with trade associations and environmental and energy authorities of Chile, currently is President of the Association of Small and Medium Hydroelectric Power Plants APEMEC.


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