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Workshop: The Role of Community Based Solar Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Challenge

Tuesday 05 November |11:30 – 13:00  Room: Araucarias 1

Moderator: Rodrigo Palma, SERC, CE, FCFM University of Chile

Climate Change urgency, energy demand growth, and the reduction of renewable based technologies are key drivers for the development of new ways to meet demand with clean, economic, safe, resilient, and reliable energy systems. One way to face these challenges is through the use of solar energy at community level. This option has received much attention in recent years due to their ability to be integrated through both large energy systems, as smaller scale or local solutions. In addition, this type of energy allows the population to be part of the solutions and reach a deep understanding about the use of resources in the generation of energy and strengthen collective awareness regarding the challenges of climate change
In this forum, based on the international experience we will try to identify the role and impact of community based solar energy solutions for the climate change challenge.


Overview and international experience
Dieter Holm, Dieter Holm Consulting, South Africa.

Renewables in Cities
Duncan Gibb, REN21

The Ayllu Solar project and Solar Community in Latam
Rodrigo Palma, SERC, CE, FCFM University of Chile

Breaking the vicious circle of poverty
Alex Zahnd, RIDS-Switzerland/Nepal International Project Director, Kathmandu University, NEPAL

The Co-construction Approach, Chilean experience
Marcia Montedonico, Ayllu Solar, SERC, CE, University of Chile

Final round-table with additional invited panelists

Workshop on Benchmarking of short-to-long term adaptation

Tuesday 05 November |17:00 – 18:00  Room: Araucarias 1

This workshop will focus on the methods used for modelled long-term solar radiation series which are frequently needed for the different stages of solar power projects.

The workshop will review different techniques used to improve the modelled data outcome and will highlight the main results and developments achieved in the framework of IEA PVPS Task 16 on Solar.Resources

Introduction to IEA PVPS Task 16 (10 min)
Jan Remund, Operating Agent PVPS Task 16 (METEOTEST, CHE)

Review and Benchmarking of site adaptation techniques (20 min)
Jesús Polo, (CIEMAT, Spain)

Case studies:
Site Adaptation of SolarGis Data (10 min)
Armando Castillejo, (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)

Site Adaptation of Meteotest Satellite Data (10 min)
Jan Remund (Meteotest, Switzerland)

Site adaptation to improve GHI accuracy assessed by satellite (10 min)
Mathieu David, (Reuniwatt & PIMENT- University of la Reunion)

Questions and debate (30 min)


Special Talk: Renewable Transformation Challenge Winner 2019 - SUNSPOT Solar Electric Cooking System & Workshop: How to get published in a scientific journal - with Elsevier

Wednesday, 06 November | 14:00 – 15:30  Room: Araucarias 2

Special Talk:  Renewable Transformation Challenge Winner 2019 - SUNSPOT Solar Electric Cooking System
Doug Danley, SUNSPOT, USA

This presentation will describe the case for solar-powered electric cooking as a cost-effective replacement for traditional biomass cooking. It will describe applications and benefits for off-grid, microgrid, and grid connected (per-urban) customers. It will discuss other technologies that are addressing this issue, including “improved” charcoal stoves, gasifiers and biogas stoves, and solar thermal cooking.

The presentation will include examples of work being done in this field, including SUNSPOTPV, EarthSpark International, MECS (Modern Energy Cooking Services), Gamos and Rural Power Solutions / USA.

Workshop: How to get published in a scientific journal - with Elsevier
Adam Fraser, Elsevier, UK

This workshop is structured to support researchers in their publication endeavours. It is intended for all researchers (PhD students, as well as Post-Doctoral and academic researchers). Special emphasis will be on writing scientific articles and how to approach the review and publication process. It will be an information-packed session covering all aspects of writing scientific articles; from the abstract to the references, from preparation to publication.
The session topics will include the following:
- Why is it so important to write a good paper?
- What is a good paper and how do I write one?
- How do I decide where to submit my paper?
- What happens during review?
- What do I need to do to publish ethically?

Workshop: New IEA SHC/SolarPACES Joint Task on Solar Process Heat

Wednesday, 06 November | 16:30 – 18:00  Room: El Coigue

Moderator: Dr. Andreas Häberle, HSR Rapperswil, Switzerland

The two IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes SHC and SolarPACES are preparing a new joint task on Solar Process Heat. Main focus will be on the support of system integration and market introduction of solar technologies for industrial applications. The workshop gives an overview of the planned activities and offers the possibility to actively participate and get involved in the new task.

-    Market Overview on Solar Process Heat, Bärbel Epp, Solrico, Germany
-    Outline of the New Task, Andreas Häberle, HSR Rapperswil, Switzerland
-    Integrated Energy Systems, Felix Pag, University of Kassel, Germany
-    Guideline to Market, Jürgen Fluch, AEE INTEC, Austria
-    Q&A with all the participants


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